Executive Message

Greater Pharma Co., Ltd is committed to being a leading company in ASEAN for health and beauty innovation. Our mission begins with the goal of producing quality products that address the health needs of Thai people, ensuring consumers can access products at fair prices. We aim to replace imports and create sustainable profits for our partners. Greater Pharma’s focus lies in research and development, as well as continuous enhancement of internal projects, innovations, and health-related initiatives. These have become the driving vision for the organization.

Furthermore, we collaborate on research and development projects with several prominent universities in Thailand, aiming to strengthen our competitiveness within the pharmaceutical industry and to continuously innovate health products for Thailand. For instance, in the field of allergy vaccines against mosquito bites and various allergens, Greater Pharma became the first and only manufacturer in ASEAN. Looking ahead, we anticipate becoming the first ASEAN manufacturer to initiate research and development of advanced therapy medicinal products, such as stem cells and NK cells, for alternative cancer treatments. This is in alignment with our official approval from the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

In the face of disruptive technology and customer demands, Greater Pharma Co., Ltd remains steadfast in its mission and vision to drive research and development both internally and through ongoing partnerships with reputable research institutions. We will continue to create innovative products that cater to market competition and consumer needs, aiming to establish our organization as a continuous leader in health innovation in ASEAN, in line with our enduring vision.

Mr. Chernporn Tengamnuay
Managing Director